Hellems Avenue


This is a picture of the north-west corner of Hellems Avenue and Division Street. Across the street (on the north-east corner) is Welland’s Edwardian Central Fire Hall, listed on the register of Canadian Historic Places. There was a time when this was a thriving little neighbourhood. Of the six buildings on this part of the block, four are unoccupied – and three of those four are in a state of decay. The one on the corner shows some promise though…



4 thoughts on “Hellems Avenue

  1. Too bad none of these are for sale. The one was up for nearly $80k before… Which is a bit ridiculous when much larger facilities are going for as little as $189k – in good condition.

    I remember thinking the price was a steal for the six shops until I discovered the price was for only one unit.

    Hopefully the place gets cleaned up before returning to the open market.

  2. It would be nice to see welland revamp this area of the city . Would definitely shop down town . My wife shops at the welland market. Down town welland is a great place.

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