A Shift in Attitude?

Over the last year, I’ve noticed some positive developments in the psychology of this town. Some interesting things are happening downtown. A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is in the works for the downtown core. The excellent mywelland.com has taken off. The Black Lantern Experience, a group of artists about to celebrate their first anniversary, exhibits regularly. A civic-minded guerilla park has been established, and more is in the works. Like-minded citizens are connecting with each other and discussing paths out of the rut this town has been in for far too long. There’s no doubt Welland still suffers from classic rust belt decay, but some signs of hope appear to be emerging. Richey Piiparinen, Director of the Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University, suggests a “healthier collective psychological state” is necessary in helping rust belt towns “let go of the past so there is more to ruin than fear and emptiness, but rather: resilience and opportunity.” If the people I’ve met over the past few months are any indication, this psychological shift just might be starting to happen in Welland.


2 thoughts on “A Shift in Attitude?

  1. Thank you Kevin for you mention of myWelland.com. We are deeply committed to showcasing ALL sectors of our local community with an ‘Inspiring, Collaborative Voice’ and helping to build a social platform that is fully inclusive and sustainable.

    As the Community Manager of myWelland.com I am overwhelmed by the warm welcome we have received and the #RoseCityPROUD spirit of co-creation that we have experienced during our start up phase.

    We are looking forward to doing all we can to highlight and support the efforts of the many incredible citizens that are leading the psychological shift underway in Welland.

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