Introducing… The Hard Way


In two weeks, on Friday 18 July, we will be engaging in an experiment. We are taking this empty storefront at 43 Hellems Ave on a block full of empty storefronts and opening it up to the neighbourhood as a gallery & community commons. It will be called “The Hard Way” as a testament to the gritty resolve of some of this town’s finer citizens.

The purpose of the space is two-fold:

1. Local Art: Expose Welland to some of the interesting artists who gain inspiration from this town
2. Placemaking: Get people out of their homes and into the downtown to interact with one another and support the businesses that are trying to make a go of it here.

This is a short-term project; we will operate from 18 July – 15 August. A calendar of events and workshops is forthcoming. For now, we invite you to attend the grand opening and Black Lantern Experience First Anniversary Art Show on Friday 18 July at 8:00 pm. Hope to see you there at 43 Hellems Ave!



14 thoughts on “Introducing… The Hard Way

  1. An art show could and can be very successful- look at our art show – I believe it is 24 or 25 yrs. this year. Are you personally involved? Best of luck!!!!!

  2. Having grown up on the corner of Lincoln St. and Wilton Avenue here in Welland, and willing to help in the revitalization, I would love to add some music to the art work. Where and when can I plug in?

  3. So excited! It will be nice to see some life in the downtown area. All those business that last for a year can get a tad depressing.

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