TheHardWay: One Week to Go…

We’ve taken possession of 43 Hellems and started cleaning it up in anticipation of our grand opening at 8:00pm Friday 18 July. The countdown is on. Already, some curious onlookers have stopped by to say hello. There seems to be some real interest and excitement in this place. Last week’s blog post, Introducing TheHardWay, was viewed over 4,000 times by more than 3,000 unique visitors to the site. My average blog posts get between 100-150 unique viewers, so the reaction to TheHardWay is both encouraging and overwhelming!

Schedules of events and workshops have been written, revised, scrapped, and re-written. There are a lot of really good people with some really good ideas for this place. So far, this is what is in store… and there are additional events still in the works!

HOURS: (18 July – 15 August)
Sunday-Friday: 12-8
Saturday: 9-5

Regularly Scheduled Events & Workshops…
Mondays-Thursdays (1-4pm) Family & Community Open Art Afternoons
Tuesdays (8:00pm) BLX Open Art Nights
Wednesdays (7:00pm) Knit & Stitch Evenings
Thursdays: (7:00pm) Niagara CGI Workshops

Special Events & Workshops…
Friday 18 July (8:00pm) Grand Opening & BLX One-Year-Anniversary Art Show
Friday 25 July (8:00pm) Chad Godt Art Show (This is Chad’s only Canadian Art Show)
Sunday 27 July (12-3pm) Simple StrobeLighting Photography Workshop (by Dave Bags)
Monday 28 July (6-8pm) Wood Painting Workshop (by Kelly McFadden)
Friday 1 Aug (8:00pm) Wordz3 (Open Spoken-word & poetry night)
Saturday 2 Aug (6-9pm) Cell Phone Photography Workshop (by T.Lee Kindy)
Friday 8 Aug (8:00pm) Show Us Your City Community Art Show
Saturday 9 Aug (8:00pm) Blacktop Records Music Showcase
Friday 15 Aug (8:00pm) Grand Closing Art Show – TheHardWay



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