This Friday at TheHardWay…


This Friday,  July 25th, TheHardWay will be showcasing the art of visiting artist Chad Godt.

Chad Godt has participated in exhibitions throughout the United States. His art has been involved in charitable events such as Hunger for the Arts, Earth Day and breast cancer awareness activities. Chad has participated in several performance art projects with artists in Phoenix and Raleigh. He has also collaborated with the Theatre Department of Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix on sets and scenery for play productions. This Friday’s show at TheHardWay will be Chad Godt’s Canadian debut.

“I want my work to be a quiet, contemplative moment of meditation and inspiration
amid the chaos, a chance to reflect on who we are in this life and to dream of our potentials. I am exploring the act of being human. As we struggle to become better than who we are and to achieve our highest potential, we are constantly reminded of our human restraints through mistakes and bad decisions. Yet, on occasion, we manage to overcome our failures and grasp onto those rare moments of perfection and see that quiet potential within us; The perfect act at the perfect moment when we are greater than what the world has offered us. What I am capturing in my works are moments of perfection, appreciated through times of despair. My work emphasizes the small and the unnoticed.  It is the details that separate us, that make us individual.  The unknown and unnoticed moments that make up the whole, shape us into what we are.  By finding beauty in the ugly and insignificant we bring value to it and recognize that it is the very things we take for granted or are unaware of that can have the greatest effect on us.”



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