Ward 4 Candidates Respond to Downtown Development Questions

Each candidate seeking to represent Welland’s Ward 4 was given the opportunity to answer these eight questions. Four candidates are running. Only one responded. Here is her submission:

Maria Lallouet

Without a measurable, visible, incredible Center, any city is missing out a lot. Welland downtown has started to shape, but still has a long way to go. The strengths are: the new city hall, Merritt park and Merritt island, the last two being very unique to Welland. In my opinion what we need is more buildings being renovated, like the Galleria, combined with businesses and apartments. Hats off to the banks and businesses that are still operating from downtown. Some old buildings definitely in need to be demolished, they are too old and unsafe. We need to get more people living in downtown, their presence will take away the ghostly feeling. I like the one way traffic, especially on the two bridges, makes the travel more safe. In the future, hopefully, we will see more bikes or e-bikes. To make it safe to use downtown, a study is needed. Undeveloped lands, unused commercial building are a sore. Perhaps new city by-law regarding these lands and buildings is well overdue. If we want Welland downtown to be alive, we need to offer free parking. This summer while the bridge was closed, the two hour worked very well.

These questions were posed to all of the candidates in Ward 4. Pat Chiocchio, Anthony DiMarco, and Tom Bacolini did not respond.

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