Overview of the 2014 Municipal Election Candidates in Welland


Over the last week, I’ve been posting responses from municipal candidates to these eight open-ended questions regarding Welland’s downtown. You will notice there is an interesting variety of strategies for improving Welland’s downtown. There are also some common themes. Here are the links to each post:

The Posts:
Wednesday 8 October: Regional Council Candidate Responses
Thursday 9 October: Ward 1 Candidate Responses
Friday 10 October: Ward 2 Candidate Responses
Saturday 11 October: Ward 3 Candidate Responses
Sunday 12 October: Ward 4 Candidate Responses
Monday 13 October: Ward 5 Candidate Responses
Tuesday 14 October: Ward 6 Candidate Responses
Wednesday 15 October: Mayoral Candidate Responses

Additionally, the Welland Tribune has run profiles of the candidates. Here they are:

Regional Council
Wards 1 & 2
Ward 3
Ward 4
Ward 5
Ward 6
Mayor: Frank Campion
Mayor: Barry Sharpe


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